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Mum and Baby yoga

Mum and baby classes ~ Saturday morning 10:30 - 11:30. 


Mum and baby classes are all about supporting you in the transition into motherhood, a time to work on re-stabilising your body and reconnecting with your baby. For mums we will pay a lot of attention to strengthening the pelvic floor and lower abdominal region, to help you feel centred and balanced post birth. We will encorporate breathing and mindfulness practices to assist in relaxation, positivity and resilience. Your baby is fully included in the class with special baby yoga gentle stretches that can bring many positive benefits such as to aid digestion and any gas pain, neuromuscular development, fussiness and anxiety.


The classes are very relaxed and it's of paramount importance to me that you feel comfortable to do whatever you need to do to attend to your baby so I actively encourage you to feed, change, hold, rock your baby throughout the class whenever needed.


There are baby changing facilities and a toilet at the studio and if there's anything you need I will do my best to provide it for you.


This class is suitable for babies up until they are on the move (crawling) and for mums after your 6 week check up, if you've had a Caesarian I'd advise waiting until 8-10 weeks post birth.


We'd love you and your little one/ones to join us, you can be assured a warm, supportive welcome.