Yoga for your life --- "Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down" (Jigar Gor)



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Yoga for pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga in Wallingford ~ Saturday mornings 9am-10:15am

~ Private sessions and private group sessions also available for those needing or wanting a more tailored approach.


Pregnancy is amazing. The female body is incredible, the way it can grow and nurture a whole new life/ new lives! So many shifts have to occur within a women's body to allow space for a baby to grow, alongside huge shifts in hormones and bodily processes. It is unbelievable how this all happens, however pregnancy isn't always an easy ride. From aches and pains, to sciatica, heartburn, nausea and pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy can prove challenging sometimes. Yoga is a fantastic tool to remedy some of the physical malaise that can occur in pregnancy. Yoga can also help with emotional difficulites that can so commonly present themselves during pregnancy like anxiety and depression.


In my Pregnancy Yoga classes we use movements that encourage space in the body when it feels like there is no room to breathe, find extra energy in uplifting poses and relax and restore the nervous system in restorative poses. We focus on breathing techniques that can help women to become more aware of their breath and it's ability to affect their mood and inner state of being, this can be an extremely useful awakening for use during labour. We spend time in mindful relaxation, cultivating positive thinking and self-empowerment and I always try to leave time at the end for chatting to fellow pregnant mamas in the group, as collective female support at this time is invaluable.






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